Check and Assessment
of Building Structures



Dr Hertle is approved as a Chartered Check Engineer by the Obersten Baubehörde at the Bavarian Ministry of the Interior (Bavarian Building Inspection Authority). That means he personally is responsible for the stability of the buildings certified by him. With this it is ensured that the design and execution are in accordance with the requirements of the acknowledged technical rules.







The check and assessment of building structures done on behalf of the states building inspection authorities is a crucial part to ensure the quality for the owner of the structure. Furthermore we are advising partner of the building inspection authorities for enhancing and updating the technical rules and standards.

Fügespeicher BMW AG


Body Shop BMW AG, Munich



Extension of the body shop at BMW plant Munich
Steel-frame- and steel-truss-construction
Span: 25 m
Height of the stiffening level above foundation: 30 m
Total height: 45 m

Cubature: about 100.000 m3


Loisach-Bridge, Ohlstadt

Assessment of the load bearing capacity of the
prestressed concrete bridge, build in 1972, on the
basis of the actual standards and regulations.

Prestressed concrete construction with T-beam
and box girder cross sections


Total length: 1315 m
Span width:  Regular bay 31.10 m
 Road- and path-crossing: 41.47 m
 Loisach-crossing: 70.96 m

OMV Raffinerie Burghausen


OMV-Refinery Burghausen


Extension of the OMV-Refinery Burghausen
Reinforced concrete and steel construction
Building field: 150 m x 700 m
Height of the process-columns: up to 80 m


Pipe-rack bridges
High frequency excited engine and turbine foundation

Extreme chemical exposition

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