Structural Design



The famous word from of Mies van der Rohe “less is more” describes our philosophy in structural design very close.
A good construction characterises itself by being simple and live up to every aspect of the technical, architectural, economical and use-specific requirement.







In the process of designing structures, it is of great importance to Hertle Ingenieure to choose correct materials, which are in line with the type of construction to be developed. At the same moment an efficient and professional teamwork with the project partners and the clients is an important aspect of what we do.

Zementfabrik Cebu/Philippinen

Cement Plant Cebu/ Philippines


  • Structural design of the steel constructions of the bridges (walkway- and conveying-bridges, spans up to 50 m);
  • Design of the engine support constructions and the dynamically excited engine foundations
  • Design of the self-supporting steel-roof-constructions (free span up to 60 m)
  • Design of the jetty-construction (steel framework) for the off-shore-link with spans of 60 m (total length about 300 m)

Deutsches Museum München

Extension Forum der Technik

Deutsches Museum Munich


  • Adapting, modifying and extending of an existing building structure under the restrictions of a classified, historical monument
  • Flexible steel constructions to enable the user an open range for concepts to be implemented
  • During the execution of civil works, a shut down of the Forum der Technik was not possible

Hauptbahnhof Dresden

Central Station Dresden


  • Structural consultancy and supervision during the execution phase of the steel- and membrane constructions for revamping the main building of the central station
  • Reinforcing of the three-bayed-truss-frame-construction Span width: 38 m, 55 m, 38 m
  • Co-ordination of the detail- and shop-design
  • Structural design for special solutions

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